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Product Manager

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I’m a proactive and hardworking blockchain enthusiast with 4+ years of experience building digital products, solving business problems, and reaching value-driven results.

Scroll down to know some more interesting stuff about what I do 🦾

🚀 What I do?

Crafting the perfect user experience is my top priority. But I also do these as well:

  • Web and app development

  • User and market research

  • Launch & scale of products

My main interests are


Digital products

& services

I love building digital experiences and the magical process of product developement.


Web developement &


Lets think about web3 and Dapps together.


Business economics

& finance

I love working on startups and solve business-strategic problems. ROI seeker as hobbie.

with a transversal love for education.


👁 Take a look to some of my projects!

🛠 Explore different parts of the product development process through personal experiences

Case study 3: UX redesign for e-commerce platform 
Case study 4: Technical analysis & docs for 3-way process integration 

What can we do together

If you want to:
Fondeo transparente portfolio.png

📣 Have me as a speaker

I will happily join your podcast, twitter space or conference.

Fondeo transparente portfolio.png

🔍 Hire me

I'm not actively looking for new opportunities, but I'm always open to them.

Fondeo transparente portfolio.png

 🙌🏼 Co-create

Build a product together? Co-author an article? Lets go for it!

Fondeo transparente portfolio.png

☕ Coffee break

Professional stuff or shared hobby? I'm always up for a chat.

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